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Shift Cam 6 in 1 Lens For iPhone 7


Get the most out of the dual lenses on your iPhone 7 Plus with the SHIFT CAM Camera Lens Case. Rugged by design, this case has 6 lenses that add new perspectives to your iPhone photography. You can quickly switch between telephoto, wide-angle, fisheye and macro using the built-in slide and snap mechanism. This gives you the option to capture stunning landscapes and beautiful close-ups. 

Unlike clip-on lenses, SHIFT CAM is always there when you need a shot, and it doesn’t fill your pockets with tiny glass. It also aligns perfectly with your iPhone’s camera every time. 

In addition, this durable case keeps your iPhone safe on photography trips and everyday adventures. The shock-proof case is slim, while still adding good grip and an optional wrist strap for extra security. You can remove the lenses to make it even slimmer.

SHIFT CAM is a 6-in-1 high-quality mobile lens case that you can switch between them with just a flick. You can have all lenses around you so that your creativity will not be limited by the camera while using your iPhone 7 plus.

Its military design protects your iPhone 7 Plus. SHIFT CAM is an all in one solution to take high-quality photos for the most comprehensive, convenient and portable way.

All-In-One Lens Attachment

  • No more tiny glasses crumbled in your pocket

SHIFT CAM is the world’s first 6 in 1 dual lens case offers an all-in-one solution for iPhone 7 Plus. With SHIFT CAM, You no longer need to carry a bag of lenses in your pocket or worry about forgetting to bring it.

Easy to Install and Switch Lens

  • One finger switching lens, Fast and Easy

SHIFT CAM comprises a detachable and easy switching lens attachment, that you can install and switch lens at least 10 times faster than any other clip lens attachments in the market.

Aligns With Your iPhone's Camera Perfectly

  • Built-in slide and snap mechanism aligns perfectly with your iPhone’s camera every time

Timing is everything in photography. Once you put SHIFT CAM on your iPhone, you are ready to go at any time and any places. You don't need to waste any second adjusting the lens because SHIFT CAM lenses fit immediately with a flick.

Detailed and Caring Design

  • This durable case keeps your iPhone safe on photography trips and everyday adventures

SHIFT CAM is much more than just a lens attachment or an iPhone case. It's created with detail-minded and caring designs, such as holding grip and strap, that you can take pictures easily and without a hassle.

SHIFTCAM is slim yet protective with its military shockproof design.










 SHIFTCAM's 6-in-1 Lens Set

We are excited to present the above stunning images taken by SHIFTCAM. You can make your phone the best camera at your fingertips.

SHIFTCAM can further improve iPhone 7 Plus's dual lens system, extent the cameras's capabilities, quality and values. Adding 6 additional features on your iPhone allows you to take as many stunning pictures as you can.

 SHIFTCAM comes with 6 optics lenses, a fisheye, wide angle, two for telephoto and two for macro photography.

Switch lens using 1x and 2x

When you pick up an iPhone 7 Plus, it comes along with a great dual lens system: 1X to use the first camera and 2X to use the second. SHIFTCAM expands the feature of switching between lenses with 1X mode and 2X mode. 


Simply tap on the 1X button to switch to 2X lens and tap on it again to switch back to 1X

Slide and Snap

Simply Slide and Snap between 6 exclusive lenses, Fisheye, 2.0X Telephoto, 10X Macro,  20 X Macro, Wide Angle, and Telephoto Lens. Every lenses will serve a purpose for you at every special moment.

 Strap Attachment

The Strap attachment is wearable on your wrist so that you can take photos around you easier at anytime and carries it with a peace of mind.

Easy to install with Detachable Lens Set

Simply place SHIFTCAM onto your iPhone 7 Plus and put the 6-in-1 lens attachment on the case. Shift to the lens you want.

Premium Quality Lens for iPhone 7 Plus

SHIFTCAM attaches 6 high-quality lenses to iPhone 7 Plus Dual Lens system. It empowers you and your iPhone to take better pictures in an easier and faster way. 

Easy Switch Lens with 6 Special Effects 

  • 120 Degree Wide-angle
  • 2X Telephoto
  • 10X Macro 
  • 20X Macro 
  • 180 Degree Fisheye Lens  
  • 2X Telephoto Lens 

Tapered Grip Designed 

Matched with your gesture of holding your phone easier in both horizontal and vertical shooting and provide and strong and comfortable grip.