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About Us

There are many things you come across on a daily basis. A cool gadget you saw in your news feed or a super cool speaker you saw at your friend’s place. And you always wondered where did they got all that cool stuff from?

I am sure you did because I felt the same way. I would often feel lost when I would see such cool stuff. I always wanted one for myself. Whether it was a nice phone case or a really cool must have item to have in my room.

What was more important about such stuff was that not only it looked cool. But it also served a purpose, catered to a need thus making it a must have item - for me at least.

Now you maybe wondering, what maybe the problem?

Well for starters, all of the cool stuff that I saw was being sold at a price that was not affordable for a regular guy like me. And secondly, nobody was providing enough value for the money they were offering the stuff for.

This troubled me. I wanted to do something about. So I took the initiative to meet people, met with new creators - fellow enthusiasts like me and after spending almost about a year of searching and observing, I decided to set up my own shop.

I collected some of the coolest stuff from different creators and brought them all together at one location where fellow curious people like me could purchase all this stuff.

Some of these items are rare and you probably won’t be able to find them anywhere else. While, some of the items that you see are “trending” sort of like riding the wave of what’s going around the world. But the best part about us is that we’re selling them at a more affordable rate so that people like you and me can afford it.